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About Us

The Institute of Customer Experience is a not for profit initiative by Human Factors International Inc. Its mission includes:

  • The creation of best practices for delivering design solutions that will be used world wide
  • The sharing and exchange of information regarding the delivery of customer experience meant for a global customer base
  • Forecasts about the state of customer experience in the future

With the increased globalization of the world, the issue of how global customer experience can be delivered to customers across the world is gaining significance. Is there a successful framework to deliver global customer experience? Much has been written (and practiced) about Localisation and Internationalisation. The Institute of Customer Experience would like to share and discuss the best practices it has created and its ongoing research programs in the area. In addition, we hope to create a forum that also turns its gaze to the future. What will global customer experience be like in 5, 10, or 15 years?

Someone said that political geographers should always be suspicious of straight lines on a map. However, today the 'lines' on the map are so blurred in the world of global customer experience that it is not really clear where the boundaries lie for global product/service creation, production and consumption.

In such an ecosystem, we have been researching what is going on in the world of global customer experience. How are organisations grappling with the challenges of deciding whether to take a product or service that works well in a specific geography and roll it out in other geographies, with customization as needed versus creating specific products/services for each geography? What is the best way to validate concepts internationally? Find qualified vendors across countries? OR create your own teams equipped to do that? OR a blend? OR, is there a completely new way to deliver customer experience for a global audience?

While we would like to share our work in this area, we also want to bring together diverse ideas on this topic. We would also like to bring to you information about research programs we have started on this topic, partnerships we have created and interesting news from around the world of global customer experience, now and looking at the future.

Are there topics on global customer experience that, as an organization, you would like researched? Perhaps we could initiate some industry wide research, jointly funded by several organizations, with the aim of sharing the results amongst themselves and also with the UX community.

ICE Team

Apala Lahiri Chavan
Futurist Braveheart Kunoichi, CEO


Apala's world is about discovery, invention, creation and she feels that maintaining balance between polarities is where everything becomes possible. She feels that the future of UX will be about individuals creating their own user experience and that experience will involve blurring the lines between the real and the virtual.

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