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Deepa Ready

The APProach to problem solving

March 2014

Need garden planning help? There’s a landscaping app for you. Having trouble getting pregnant? There’s an app to monitor your bodily cycles.

I am cyBorg. Design for me.

July 2013

For those of us who grew up on a steady diet of Star Trek: Next Gen runs and re-runs (but were never Trekkies), Borgs were undebatably a threat. An alien race of cybernetic antagonists, Borgs were singularly in pursuit of emotionless, mechanical perfection through the assimilation of the “biological and technological distinctiveness of other species” into their own. In this, they were everything humans were not.

From Deciphering to Designing

June 2013

A few days ago, we stopped at our usual dosa pitstop for a quick breakfast. When the bill arrived, it came sitting on top of a little flyer that entreated us to "Think. Eat. Save."

Anthropology, by Design

March 2013

I’ve got this flask that often draws a lot of flak. It’s just a double-walled stainless steel flask, which I love because it keeps water ice-cold just about all day long. And in a place as hot for most of the year as Pondicherry, for a person like me who needs cold water to quench thirst, this matters.