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Mrinal Kanti Rai

The Purist


Mrinal strategises about ways to influence user behaviour for designing better experiences, using his unique point of view from the cusp of art and science. He believes the future of UX will emerge from an interdisciplinary amalgamation of sociology, psychology and technology.

Why, I think, religion needs a better Service Design and good Customer Experience?

July 2013

India is a country of contradictions. It’s a metaphor for Jugaad1 and Chalta hai2. For outsiders as well as for insiders, it’s a country with a split personality disorder. Chalta hai has its own linguistic that requires separate space, but let me focus on Jugaad this time. One can debate over the systemic complacency inherent in Jugaad, but one cannot ignore it’s utility as a thought process.

Jagriti Yatra – A Journey of Discovery and Transformation

June 2013

Jagriti Yatra is an ambitious annual train journey of discovery and transformation that takes hundreds of India's highly motivated youth on a 15 day national odyssey. The first Yatra took place in 2008. The aim of the Yatra is to awaken the spirit of entrepreneurship and the vision is to inspire young Indians to lead development.

In Defense of Visual Design

May 2013

Good visual design is pristine. It evokes emotions and creates a lasting impression. There is something mystical yet certain about visual design.

Tedx Me and Equality

April 2013

Let me confess I am not a big fan of conferences but when I attended Tedx at TEDxGolfLinksPark recently, it was inspiring enough to change my perception about conferences. The speakers at the Tedx event were motivating to the core. Each of the talks was immersive and engaging enough to disconnect you from your surroundings.

The next wave

February 2013

When Gutenberg invented the printing press in 14501, it was the first wave of democratization of knowledge. It shifted the arduous process of making manuscripts manually to an automated process, allowing any work to be copied any number of times at speeds never seen before.