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Utpala Wandhare

The Synthesizer


Utpala applies 'Design Thinking' for business transformation which is strategic and research driven. She feels the future of UX will be various disciplines coming together combining the outward market inputs and customer needs with the inward latent needs of end user driving the engine.

Living an American Dream

June 2013

To succeed and reach a place where one aspires to be, having equal opportunity and non-discrimination. Idealistic but everyone would want to attain this state of being in their lifetime known as American Dream.


March 2013

Word of mouth remains the most powerful method of human communication. Human beings are social animals and share experience, stories, and information with each other on a daily basis.

New Awakening – Enablers of Global Happiness and Well-being

February 2013

The world is awakening; powerful new forces are emerging. KNOWLEDGE and TECHNOLOGY revolutions are interacting synergistically, often with surprising consequences, and transforming the contexts in which human beings will conduct their affairs from now on.