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Kiran Patil


Kiran believes in usability for all for all the time. For him usability is not a practice but a way of life. Usability should be embedded in all the aspects of everyone’s life and not kept limited to application in certain things only.

Your Ultramodern Philanthropy

June 2014

Philanthropy is perhaps as old as mankind. Even in the most ancient recorded past, we come across many examples of philanthropic activities.

Trending – The “Emotional” Me

February 2014

Emotions are intrinsic to us. They add meaning to our life. Displaying these emotions publicly used to be considered a weakness, but that is changing now. In the era of Facebook, Twitter and social connectedness, showing or expressing emotions publicly before the entire world is emerging as a new trend. In the era of shorter attention spans and instant gratification, becoming famous through self expression seems to be the way forward.

Why books and periodicals need redesigning?

November 2013

Books and periodicals play an important role in our lives. Yet they are the unfortunate ones who have hardly undergone any design changes since their inception.

Influence of Design on Sports

October 2013

Design is an integral part of our life. In fact life itself is a small part of a grand design called the Universe.

The Future of Thinking

September 2013

Thinking – a small word with big consequences. Our needs trigger our thinking; thinking, in turn, triggers action and our actions shape our world. Humanity revolves around this cycle.

Positive Deviance in the Indian Perspective

September 2013

Not many may agree with me, but I definitely do not agree with the experts who comment that Jugaad -- or Indovation or any other terminology you want to use – is hurting India. I see immense power in Indovation, which through positive deviance can actually transform India. It is universally agreed that few will always move faster than others in a developing world, but the best thing that can really happen is that many move faster, and Jugaad used along with positive deviance approach can certainly help in that direction.

My Yatra

June 2013

I started my Yatra along with 449 others, on 24th of December 2011 from IIT Mumbai. The Yatra started with a motivating speech by Dr. Raghunath Mashelkar. Dr. Mashelkar enlightened us about his own life, he narrated his life experiences on how he overcame poverty and other struggles in his life and finally made it successful.