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Apala Lahiri Chavan

Futurist Braveheart Kunoichi, CEO


Apala's world is about discovery, invention, creation and she feels that maintaining balance between polarities is where everything becomes possible. She feels that the future of UX will be about individuals creating their own user experience and that experience will involve blurring the lines between the real and the virtual.

Future of Global UX – Cross Cultural Robotics

August 2014

It was the summer of 2040. Cross cultural robotics was the hottest discipline on Earth and Mars. Robots had become very much part of the human ecosystem by 2025.

The Future of Global User Experience – UX from the Outside

September 2013

In my last blog post, I presented a future scenario where organisations sourced all their UX products and service requirements from a digital supply chain.

Global User Experience in the Future - A Digital Supply Chain?

May 2013

Continuing from our previous post where I thought aloud (like a good UX professional) whether the future of global UX was going the N=1, R=G direction…this time I would like to visualize how N=1, R=G could manifest.

Global User Experience (UX) in the Future

February 2013

What is the future of global ux? This is a question that I have been asking myself for a while now and have not got a definitive answer yet. There are theories, directions, extrapolations, possibilities etc. but the picture is still hazy.