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The Future of Thinking

Thinking – a small word with big consequences. Our needs trigger our thinking; thinking, in turn, triggers action and our actions shape our world. Humanity revolves around this cycle.

Earlier human beings used to live in caves; their needs evolved, their brains evolved and we have gradually reached where we are today. Initially while humans just started to evolve differently from various animals, our needs were restricted to survival. This resulted in the creation of simple things like weapons from stones, wheels, invention of metals, farming, etc.

The process of evolution continued. We have developed vehicles to travel, buildings to live in, televisions for entertainment, smartphones for communication, businesses for growth, complex systems for administration, better healthcare facilities and artifacts to fulfill artistic needs. We have evolved along with our needs. All we see today is a result of our disruptive thought process.


The new era now is all about knowledge and information. We are generating new knowledge everyday like in never-before amounts. We are becoming healthier and our lifespan has increased to a great extent. Life has started to become more and more secure, and through that more and more complex needs have started to arise. Our world is changing very quickly. We are on the verge of uploading our minds to computer, controlling minds of others, transhuanism is on the rise. Virtual reality is now a reality. With each passing day we are taking steps towards immortality.

The question is how will all these things shape our thinking in the future? Will new needs continuously crop up? Or will human beings become immortals and transformed into some super life forms and reach that ultimate end of needs, where they will no longer even need to think?

Considering the trend till now, it seems like thinking in the future will be disruptive, highly disruptive. But definitely no one can be so sure about thinking. Future of thinking certainly seems to be an intriguing question, isn’t it? So start thinking about it!

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