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Radhika Ramadoss

The Creative Curator

Design Jargon: Mystifying Simplification?

Design jargon is not exactly a recent phenomenon, but kind courtesy world wide web, it has been brought into the notice of our (designers) collective conscience. “Simplicity is the keynote of all true elegance.” – a statement by Coco Chanel, a designer who designed for the elite. The point here is not to dissect or discuss her work, just one of her quotes which resonates deeply and hence has been brought to notice.

As designers we face situations where we are expected to come up with a tangible solution for a problem or a scenario on an everyday basis. If our aim is to simplify an experience in the larger context, this very mystification of it with jargon seems a little redundant.

If we feel the necessity and value of our tasks to be understood and respected by non designers (even designers), there lies a need to ‘DEMYSTIFY’.

‘Design Jargon’ is essential employed to be an explanation of the design process, which was taken in the very first place to simplify. Isn't it a little ironic, if the explanation of this simplification process ends up mystifying it even further?

Honestly, as a designer, when I see design jargon being employed where a simpler sentence could have made a better connect with the audience, it makes me a little uncomfortable.


Wrapping a process or an information in layers could intimidate, but can never strike a true chord. The essence of design is being empathetic, understanding the needs and offering a solution. Simple. (Lets not be so serious no?) :)

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