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Khushboo Biyani

The Collaborative Visualiser

The Evolved Traveler

I remember vacations I took with my parents as a kid. There was months of planning, excitement like there was going to be no tomorrow, a sense of pride if the location was even remotely exotic and cluelessness about almost everything.

A lot of it remains the same, but it can be more sophisticated if you want it to be; what with the proliferation of media initiatives, literature and public voice and recommendations. We also have access to a number of highly effective tools and apps that make the experience of travel more comfortable, more adventurous and simply more memorable. I’m not saying that a more spontaneous plan is not satisfactory but if there are constraints with respect to time and budget and if it is a place that you may not visit again for a long time, a little planning is probably a good idea.

I’ve listed below some of the most interesting trends around key aspects of travel, broadly divided by before the trip, during the trip and after the trip. You will also find recommendations for some sites and apps that you can explore.

Bon Voyage!

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