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Prashant Vutha

Business Design Strategist

Why Community Leaders over National Leaders?

Will there be national leaders in the future? Will a country have a Prime Minister or a President in the future?

The future needs strong Community Leadership to drive its progress. A community will need intelligence to drive development and sustainability. The main focus of the future leaders must be to facilitate and share intelligence among the community.

The pace of change in the future will make it extremely difficult for one leader or a set of leaders to keep up with issues. Leadership of the future will be more dynamic and flexible, with leadership often changing to keep up with many issues. Groups would come together to solve a problem then part ways to make way for another group emerging to deal with an entirely different issue. Some one, who plays a leadership role in one issue, may play less of a leader’s role in another issue.

Leaders can be measured by their ability to create connections and networks within the community. Better connections would lead to better facilitation of intelligence sharing and cooperation. Communities who have developed a strong spirit of cooperation and trust would be in a better position to face the challenges of the future.

I conclude by saying that a leader in the future can be a part of a community who wishes to step forward to either facilitate development or solve a problem. A leader can be of any age or economic background with the ability to connect with the community and create an impact.

With leaders emerging from a community level, I guess the role of Prime Minister or the President would be completely different. Who knows the name Prime Minister or President may eventually change.

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